3,650 Days

3,650 days of happiness

Like most people, in March and April of 2020 you likely heard that Coronavirus could give us time to be reflective during a period of great uncertainty. How, though, is a person expected to reflect on life in a truthful and complete manner if phones and computers typically crop 50% or more of life’s picture memories?

If we are being objective about the influence of technology, the world was already illogical when the iPhone came out on January 9th, 2007, and it hasn’t become clearer since.

There was hope that things could change for the better. days ago, on October 23rd, 2001, the iPod was released. Steve Jobs and Apple received numerous accolades for their new product which could “fit 1,000 songs in your pocket”. If they had continued innovating with this logic towards 2021, you would be able to easily view 1,000 photos, created in 2001 and before, in your pocket, in Apple Photos today.

A key problem that drives discord in society today is the segregation of memories. Even though racial segregation in the US was legally ended in 1964, most people, due to the way photographic technology has evolved, are segregated from their own memory.

Solving the majority of society’s problems starts by connecting and making sense of each of our individual aggregate collection of memories.

Afterwards, more love, understanding, and connection is bound to happen, on an individual, and correspondingly, societal level.

Because Memorable® happens 3,650 times in a decade, each days brings an opportunity to enjoy our connected life more, and in turn create a more enjoyable and connected society.

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