7 Memorable Inventions

I’m proud to share that Memorable has created 7 patent-pending technologies that are available for enjoyment today and can be experienced free within our desktop, mobile, and TV apps.

Face-Merging System and Method


The “Me” in the Memorable logo signifies your first-person identity as seen through pictures and videos.

Our face-merging system and method allows you to find more images with 99.99% accuracy, overcoming visual challenges such as age, sunglasses, masks, hair, angles, and low resolution.

Experiments show that this facial recognition software outperforms its competitors including those from Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Try out the “Merge Faces” feature with a free or unlimited Memorable account.

User Interface Systems and Methods for Navigating Very Large Digital Item Collections


This invention is super cool (and fast). It allows you to navigate from a decade to any day in just a few seconds.

Imagine you wish to see pictures from July 24th, 2014.

  1. Tap/click decade: 2010’s
  2. Tap/click year: 2014
  3. Tap/click month: July 2014
  4. Tap/click day: July 24th, 2014

The further back in time the date is, the more time you save while navigating.

This invention is available free in the mobile, desktop, and TV versions of Memorable.

Parallel-Time Rotation of Digital Photographs and Videos


This invention is the crux of the Memorable experience. How can a person see and enjoy the thousands of photos and videos amassed throughout their lifetime?

You can see more about this invention when applied to photos and videos from a specific month, year, decade, or lifepan.

Enjoy parallel-time rotation in Memorable today.

Batch Sharing of Digital Content


This amazing invention gives you the ability to share a date, person, or tag in just 3 taps or clicks.

Working in conjunction with our face-merging and parallel-time rotation inventions, you can organize an entire life of any person, then send them a link which they can enjoy and save.

Remember to share Memorable today.

Systems and Methods for Libraries of Digital Photographs Having Front and Back Sides


This invention is super simple and very useful for any photos which have writing on the back. Memorable scans both the front and back of each photo. We then upload your digitized photos to Memorable, where you can switch between the front and back seamlessly with one tap or click.

You can try this invention free. 50 digitized photos included.

Remastered Digital Content Control


Which is better, the original or restored version of digitized home movies? We couldn’t decide whether we prefer the authentic look of film grain and dust or the clean and smooth look of remastered – so we created a button in Memorable to switch between the two.

If you have 8mm, Super 8, or 16mm film, try this invention free with 2 3″ reels or 100ft.

Automatic Local Download of Digitized Content


This invention is convenient and great for the environment. Why produce a DVD or flash drive when you can download your digitized photos and videos directly to your existing hard drive?

You can try this invention free with either the back of photo or remastered film offer above.

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