Are DVDs inputs or outputs?

Child confused about technology

Two people come in to digitize a box of memories on the same day.

The first person has DVDs they made a decade ago from family movies and now wants to view them in a more user-friendly format.

The second person brings family movies on video tapes and film reels and asks to convert them to DVD format.

On the same day in , DVD’s are both an input and an output.

Now, an educated person might ask for a flash drive instead of a DVD.

This very same day, a third person comes in with a half dozen flash drives and wants to consolidate them into a central place.

There have been dozens of formats, storage devices, and operating systems created since the invention of the photograph, and life has only gotten more confusing since.

Memorable brings sanity to life by integrating all memory formats together, an experience overdue for decades.

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