Batch Sharing Invention

I’m excited to share that Memorable has filed a patent for its batch sharing capabilities.

We have users who have successfully shared 10,000+ photos and videos using our batch sharing technology.

The sharing process itself takes just 3 taps or clicks, and seconds later a recipient receives a link to view and save the shared photos and videos.

Step 1

Click the blue circle for any date, person, or tag.

Step 2

Click “Share All”.

Step 3

Enter an email or phone number and click send.


You can batch share an entire day’s pictures as soon as you come home from an event, an entire month as shared with a roommate, a whole year as lived with your significant other, and even an entire decade as remembered with your parents and kids.


Sharing by person combines our industry-leading, patent-pending face-merging technology with our batch sharing invention, a thoughtful gift to consider for any special event.

Imagine the awe and joy of receiving a link that contains every picture from every year of a person’s life. That is what your your friends and family will experience when you combine these two inventions.


You can send many organized photos and videos quickly and easily with Memorable’s user-friendly tagging system. We automatically create intelligent tags for the photos and videos that are added to Memorable through our mobile and desktop apps, and digitization service. You can also add custom tags through a batch organize feature.

Save To App

Once your shared link is received, it takes just one tap or click for your recipient to save your shared photos and videos to their own Memorable account. There, the recipient(s) can download the files for faster performance, offline access, and local peace of mind.

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