Face Recognition: Apple Photos vs Memorable

If you were to search for all photos of a specific person in both Apple Photos and Memorable, which app would accurately return the most results given the same set of photos?

This experiment was conducted by uploading the same 48,993 photos to both Apple Photos and Memorable, waiting for the system to automatically identify and match faces, and then using each app’s merge features to finalize the total count of pictures per person.

Apple Photos

It took about 10 days for Apple Photos to process all imported photos.

Apple provides three ways to merge photos.

Review Photos
Apple shows a review dialog which presents multiple photos to confirm when opened.

Name and Merge

Once a person is given a name, a merge option is presented if you use the same name again.

Confirm Additional

Apple Photos has a feature where you are presented with a single picture and asked whether or not it is the same person to add photos together.

Once finished, Apple Photos shows how many total photos were added. This process can be repeated multiple times as linking new photos gives Apple more data to connect. Once all photos have been reviewed, a message is presented “there don’t appear to be any additional photos of Person”.

Total Count

Apple Photos does not have a direct way of getting the count. However, if you click “Show More” followed by “Share,” you will see the total number of photos.


Once uploaded, Memorable took around 3-4 hours to index and match every single photo.

Our “Persons” section has a blue dot in the top right corner for each person. When clicked, a context menu is presented.

Merge Persons is our patent-pending feature which allows finding the same person not found automatically through the use of a similarity threshold slider.
This process can be repeated multiple times to find more photos of the same person easily.

Once merged, the person’s total count increases.

The Results

Apple Photos Memorable
Anna (Mom) 10,047 10,839
Edgar (Son) 5,468 6,282
Vlad (Dad) 5,359 6,257
Eugene (Me) 5,385 5,936

In conclusion, you can find more photos of yourself and loved ones to enjoy by using Memorable’s merge persons technology.

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