Face Recognition Experiment: Google Photos vs Memorable

The goal of this experiment was to determine which facial recognition system was more accurate and provided the highest count for each main person in a photo library.

I uploaded the same set of 48,993 photos to both Google Photos and Memorable.

Google Photos

After upload and background face recognition, Google Photos presents helpful prompts asking if two people are the same.

Additionally, once you add a name to each face group, if you use the same exact name a second time, Google Photos asks if you would like to merge both persons together.


After upload and automatic organization with facial recognition, the persons section in Memorable shows face groupings with a context menu through a blue dot in the top right corner.

“Merge Persons” is our patent-pending feature which allows finding a person not automatically detected through the use of a similarity threshold slider.

Once merged, the person’s total count increases.

The Results

Google Photos Memorable
Anna (Mom) 10,296 10,839
Edgar (Son) 5,129 6,282
Vlad (Dad) 4,444 6,257
Eugene (Me) 5,245 5,936

In conclusion, you can find more photos of yourself and loved ones to enjoy by using Memorable’s merge persons technology.

Additional Differences

Google Photos, released in May 2015 is a great app with amazing features.

Memorable, released in November of 2020, offers a new perspective on photos with the idea that analog and digital memories should be integrated.

It is possible to upload digital photos and videos to both Google Photos and Memorable from iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. This generally covers most photos taken since the around the year 2000.

In addition to developing software and apps for photos and videos, Memorable is the most technologically advanced digitization company in the US.

Our integrated digitization-to-app service enables new features for physical photographs, video tapes, film reels, 35mm slides, and other analog formats.

Dates, frequently found on containing albums, envelopes, cases, boxes, carousels, and trays, have often been lost during the digitization process.

Memorable invented a custom digitization process, along with an accompanying app, to preserve such dates, creating an automatic timeline from 20th century (analog) photos and videos.

It is highly accurate, and items with incorrect dates can be updated within Memorable either in bulk or on an individual basis.

In addition to dates, titles are also added and are searchable as tags within Memorable (i.e. Mom and Dad’s Wedding).

Physical Photographs

Google developed the popular PhotoScan, which allows adding older pictures to Google Photos by using your smartphone to take a picture of an original.

This is a quick way to add photographs to your existing library, but it is not recommended for archiving as this method decreases the quality of the media.

Any notes on the back of photos would also have to be captured, requiring more time to digitize each photo.

Memorable’s digitization service is archival quality, scans the back of the photo, and restores the original. We also add a date for each containing batch of photos.

Back of photo feature in Memorable
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