Four Magical Buttons

The newest version of Memorable has four buttons on the right side of the screen designed to optimize your experience while viewing, navigating, and organizing your memories.


Memorable is so beautiful that I wanted to use every pixel to see as much as possible. Pressing the “Maximize” button hides the header which includes the logo, heart percentage, metadata selections, and notifications. This has the effect of creating a more immersive viewing experience which fills the entire screen.


Viewing an entire month’s worth of days, a year’s worth of months, a decade’s worth of years, or life of decades through parallel rotation is my favorite feature in Memorable. If you wanted to make popcorn and not miss a single memory from your life, you could pause the rotation for a few minutes and then unpause it when you return.


Each grid element has two buttons inside; the date in the top left corner and a circle in the top right.

The date itself is clickable and acts as a navigation shortcut. Clicking 2000s from Life would navigate to all your memories from the 2000s, which are then presented by year.

Clicking the blue circle brings up a context menu with actions for the date selected.

This allows playing a slideshow, sharing, or organizing any date, from as small as a day to as large as a decade.

Hiding Dates

When you want to enjoy the parallel rotation experience without anything on top of your images and videos, pressing the date button will hide both the dates and the circles.

Navigation Menu

By default, Memorable’s navigation menu is presented at the bottom of the screen.

Pressing the menu button allows you to hide the navigation while enjoying your Memorable experience to the fullest.

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  1. This is awesome. Just when you think Memorable is pretty much perfect, these updates come out. Thank you, keep it up!

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