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People seem to love this feature. Nearly half of marriages in the US end in divorce, and nothing spoils family picture night faster than a current partner seeing pictures of an ex.

I myself experienced divorce – married for 3 years, divorce court for 4.5 years. Memorable was 11 years old when I married, and 18 years old when the divorce finally ended (shouldn’t there be a law that divorce can’t last longer than the marriage itself?).

Believe it or not, I looked at tens of thousands of my own pictures throughout that 4.5 year period on a regular basis as I continued developing, designing, and inventing new ways to make Memorable even more incredible. Talk about immersion therapy!

A “Hide All Pictures of Ex” feature just came to me recently.

I had developed a batch organize feature for our main interface, which allows organizing from the context of a date (i.e. organize 2021). I also created a persons view which displays a list of all people found automatically (btw, our face recognition results are better than Amazon’s, Apple’s, and Google’s).

I combined the two organization features and added an “Organize” option to the persons menu. With the “Organize by Person” feature, it is possible to change dates in a batch (really helpful for making sure the chronology of an entire person’s life is as accurate as possible), add tags, hide, or delete!

In the case of hiding, all hidden pictures can be reverted (also possible in batch), while deleting would permanently remove them from the app.

Hide all photos in 4 steps

1. Open “Persons”
2. Tap the blue dot (above) in top right corner for ex, then select “Organize”
3. Switch to the “Hide” tab, select all, then press “Hide”
4. Confirm

To say that break-ups are hard is an understatement. At least hiding or deleting painful memories is beyond easy.

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