Inventions in Photos and Scanning

First permanent photograph
First permanent photograph, 1822

Over the course of the last ~200 years, innovative pioneers and organizations have made the process of taking pictures and videos easier, higher quality, and more enjoyable.

Building upon these great achievements, Memorable is proud to share four patent-pending inventions which enable new experiences of connection, understanding, and enjoyment.

Merging Person Across Ages

Patent Pending

Memorable increases the accuracy and decreases the time required to organize all pictures of the same person across ages by combining facial recognition with a user-friendly merge persons technology.

This solves multiple problems with 99.99% confidence.

  • Siblings and close relatives can stay distinct people
  • A baby and an adult can be merged into a single timeline
  • Separate person groupings due to age, sunglasses, masks, and angles can be merged into a single person.

Back of Photo (Scanning and App)

Patent Pending

The back of a physical photo can include important context, including a date, location, person(s), story, and more.

Even without handwritten information, photo processors often included a processing date on the back, which helps greatly when constructing an accurate timeline of the 20th century.

We redesigned our photo scanning service to scan both the front and back of a print, with features that allow for easy switching and zooming in the Memorable application.

Five-Level Navigation System with Decades

Patent Pending

iOS and Android were released in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

As smartphones became an every day part of our life, the use of Photos on a regular basis increased as well.

The current version of the default iOS and Android Photos applications can be navigated by year.

When you have twenty or more years of memories, navigating by decade is easier and more efficient.

We created a navigation system which starts at the decade level and can zoom in to years, months, days, and the individual captured moments of each day.

This new decade level can decrease the amount of time required to navigate to any date by at least 50%.

Visualizing Memories (Parallel Time Rotation)

Patent Pending

It is easy to accumulate tens of thousands or more photos during a lifetime. Viewing these memories used to require scrolling a display hundreds to thousands of times to see every image.

We redesigned our app with the goal of enjoying every memory, no matter the quantity, on one screen, while maintaining a large enough size for each image.

To visualize everything, we start by creating a view with all decades presented.

If a person was born in 1955, there would be 8 blocks: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s.

Each decade can contain any number of photos, rotating each photo from each decade, with user selected timing.

This creates an authentic hours-long documentary experience, showcasing every stored memory from your photo library, customizable by person(s) and/or tag(s).

The above invention makes visualizing entire months, years, decades, and generations possible.

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