Maximizing Life

Memorable is my favorite product to use when I’m not working or playing the violin.

While using Memorable, I often get ideas of how the experience can be improved so next time is even better!

2021 was not the best year, but even still I took 1,637 photos and videos. While enjoying parallel time rotation, I wanted to see all 12 months together, sized perfectly to the dimensions of any screen.

With a bit of math and programming, I uploaded a new version of Memorable which would use every single pixel and fill an entire screen.

As I sit and enjoy every, one of 1,637 memories from 2021 rotate without any interaction – 12 memories changing at slightly different intervals to create a mesmerizing effect.

The whole experience lasts about 35 minutes as I took 420 pictures in March of 2021 (the month with most photos) and my app is set for 3 seconds per image with a 2 second transition.

If I continue scrolling, I can similarly enjoy 2020, 2019, 2018, etc.

I can even zoom in or out.

Zooming in on March of 2021 would show every day on one screen, with rotation for any number of memories.

Zooming out to decades would show every year from the 2020’s, and zooming out even further would show every decade from…life.

Ever seen anything more amazing on a screen?

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