Shutting Down Digitization Operation and Cloud Suspension

Our digitization operation, which has served 15,000+ customers since 2002, is shutting down.  Our cloud service, in operation since 2014, is being suspended on April 6th, 2023.

Memorable was created with the question of what happens if we go out of business.

While we saw a future where we served millions of ecstatic users and eventually went public, as a self-funded innovative consumer software startup we faced numerous challenges.

The fundamental shift in the problem we solved required educating the public on a product category they didn’t know existed. Without any comparable options in the marketplace, it was often hard for consumers to understand the concrete benefit Memorable offered based on comparative alternatives.

While our business model was and is profitable, we did not generate enough traction in time to meet our fixed costs required for running both a digitization operation and cloud services.

Due to the underlying nature of Memorable’s products and services, we knew we had to create technology to solve the hard problem of what happens if we go out of business. To this end, our desktop app for Windows and Mac has included automated batch downloading of all photo and video items in a user’s account since November 12th, 2020.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to support our AWS cloud operations on an ongoing basis and all services and support will be suspended on April 6th.

After suspension, will not be able to serve our app, it will not be possible to login, and any requests to access or download photos or videos stored on AWS will result in an error.

During suspension no files are deleted. AWS states an account has 90 days to bring an account current before they delete all resources.

We sent an email to approximately 12,500 existing customers, 4,000 of which have photos and videos stored on Memorable, as well as prominent journalists and investors.

If you have the financial resources and are interested in sponsoring Memorable’s cloud so your friends and neighbors have additional time to download all their photos and videos please let me know.

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