What is 100%?

I added a new design element to Memorable in the last few days; a heart next to the Memorable logo.

The heart, when tapped or clicked, presents a dropdown which shows how many years in which you have at least one photo or video since your birth year.

Why total years is higher than age

Most people ask why the total years is not equal to their age. Born in 1982 and 39 years old, I have at least one picture or video from 41 years ago.

For example, if a baby is born in November of 2021 and today is February 2022, the baby is 3 months old but can already have pictures from two distinct years.

Getting to 100%

When there is a gap in your memories, Memorable helps you figure out where those missing photos or videos might be.

100% Feels Great

It is an exhilarating feeling knowing that you are looking at your entire life. All years. All photos and videos. One place. The real, complete you. And, each time a new photo is added, you see exactly how everything is connected to the beginning.

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